Antigafapasta is not an art art critic or an art theorist or an art curator. Antigafapasta is not connected to the art world in any commercial way. Antigafapasta is merely an art enthusiast. Someone who salivates in the company of good art, and who cringes and shudders when exposed to bad art masquerading as high-quality art.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Antigagapasta,

    I stumbled upon your blog by chance. Someone recommended me the Post Datum controversy article to read.

    Then, I chanced upon your “House of Pain” article. I was really taken by your article, especially myself having visited Dayanita’s show, been to her talk, and personally did not think it lived up to the rhetoric she conjured.

    This note is just to say I really appreciate your writing, and have decided to visit once in awhile to read. I wrote about your article on my blog here:

    Are you based in Delhi? Look forward to a reply should you find time amidst your writing escapades.

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